Thursday, November 16, 2006


Okay, I like the first two Rocky Films. Maybe even the third one too. I don't own them, I don't post them high on the DVD cabinet and neel everytime I leave the house. I just like them.

I like the character. He's the kind of a better version of Forest Gump. Save for the fact he beats the s***t out of people. When I heard the 3rd one coming out I always ambivalent. Blase even. Say what you like about Stallone, he's a good actor and a good writer, he's just made some strange career choices. Been in movies that in my opinion just didn't need to be made. Rocky did not need to be 5 movies, The first one was great, but even the second one while good, seemed to be stretching it. The point of the Rocky Films to be is in the first one. It's not about winning its about fighting. And from the trailers this one seems to be right on the money.

So what if the plot is a little contrived, computer match up brings old box out out of retirement. It's not really about that. It's about Rocky getting his fat old arse of the coach and doing the things he loves to prove he can still do it not to anyone but himself. It doesn't matter to him who he fights or even if he wins he just wants to keep doing the things that made him a decent man. It's an important message. A timeless message. And its while I want to go see the movie and hand over my money even if I already know the ending.

WHATS IN MY DVD PLAYER: Friday night lights
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