Monday, November 20, 2006


Just kidding. I think Bond rocks. One of the best flicks I've seen all year. Daniel Craig is out and out the Bond Fleming was trying to portray. He doesn't wink at the camera, he doesn't make jokes and double entendres, he isn't particular smooth, he's just a plain cocky bastard.

It's something no other bond has quite grasped, but in terms of the books and films theres a distinct difference in character that until now hadn't been successfully bridged. And its all the better for it.

And while the theme songs awful, the animated titles are cool but out of place and the open chase sequence is devoid of common sense, I love it. Daniel Craig is Bond. Eva Green is lovely and Mad's Mikkelson is chillling. And I can't wait for the next.

WHATS IN MY DVD PLAYER : Dazed and Confused
WHERE I AM IN MY SCRIPT: Researching the hundred years war


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