Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So another wannabe decides to bore the shizit out the world with his rantings about a world he's so desperate to get into. Quite frankly yes. The names Bridge, Bridgey or even if i'm feeling funky, the Bridgemeister, no matter how gay it might sound. As I say I'm a wannabe screenwriter. Whose currently working hard as a journalist during the week and toil on his scripts every other day and night. The only reason I wanna write this blog is to kinda get my thoughts out there on films really, my pet passion and to kinda give me something to vent on while i'm toiling away on my current script and on screenwriting in general.

First up, I just read the news that Halo the movie couldn't get made. And I was astonished. Quite frankly theres more layers to that story than a fat kids sandwich. Are you telling me that a videogame that outgrossed Spider-man couldn't get studio backing? The logic in there to me isn't quite clear, its more likely that there worried about its untested director, Neil Blonkamp (whose short films are f''''in cool), which is a shame as he has real potential, or that they just wanna see how well the game Halo 3 will do to test the waters for an audience. In short this film WILL get made, i'm willing to bet money on it and with the team they have behind it, it will rock. The studios are just playing it careful for now. Thats my thoughts at least. And I won't bet much money with me as I have very little but what I have is yours to lose.

IN MY DVD PLAYER TONIGHT: Scrubs season 4 (I don't have gay jungle fever!!! LMAO)
WHERE I'M UP TO IN MY SCRIPT: Developing Background Chars.


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